wifi Router Configuration Center

Be aware that if your current IP address is 192.1680.1.1, it is actually false. The correct IP address you should be using is A router will typically use whereas additional devices and alternative hosts will have higher numbers.

Entering the IP Address of

If you'd like to access your wireless router's control panel, type into your browser's address bar, not It will then ask you to enter your username and password.


Instead of, which is false, most current devices accept as being fully authorised. Once you've accessed your router via the method above, you can access the admin panel. Many options are available to adjust, for both beginners and experts. These include MAC, DSL, WPS, Qos, WAN, LAN, WLAN settings, Proxy and many more. Whereas most users find the basic or default options suitable for their daily needs, they sometimes have to make adjustments.

If You Forget Your Username or Password

If you haven't logged in to your router for some time, it's easy to forget your username or password. In order to deal with this situation read our article "Recover your router password" and/or check our "default list of router username and passwords". If you prefer you can always reset your router back to its factory settings by holding down the reset button for at least ten seconds.

Router Username and Password List